Optimize Your Returns

Meet with a business analytics consultant in Grand Rapids, MI to discuss your options

Laird Valuations provides comprehensive business consulting services to clients in the Grand Rapids, MI area. We'll begin with a financial review and analysis. We'll then complete an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) to value your overall standing. Finally, we will analyze your company at a deeper level, conducting an industry comparison and ratio analysis.

You may benefit greatly from hiring a business analytics consultant if your business is failing to grow or if your earnings are going down. We'll uncover hidden issues and make practical recommendations based on our findings.

5 steps of our professional consulting process

We take a thorough, detailed and individualized approach with all business consulting services. We will:

  1. Meet with you at your place of business (or remotely, if you'd prefer) to gather information and learn about your needs

  2. Recast the information given into a format that allows for appropriate valuation methods to be applied

  3. Address any question that may have arisen during the setup process

  4. Prepare a draft report to review with you and discuss any remaining open items

  5. Prepare a final report and deliver it to you or your designee
Call today to discuss your needs with a certified business analytics consultant.